Women & Girls in Global Health Research

Striving to maximize inclusiveness to ensure that diverse perspectives are
involved in global health research, and working towards equity-oriented health research priority setting. IEPI sees gender as the game changer in global health and we work with such innovative research to help overcome the challenges of involving stakeholders at each level and with hopes of shaping the agenda to include under-represented and under-served populations.

Current Projects

Inclusiveness of Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials: In collaboration with our GFBR research fellow, Dr. Titus Divala, IEPI is conducting a systematic review of the moral implications of excluding pregnant women from clinical trials.

Maternal Immunization - GBS Investment Case:  Shaping the process for a global Group B streptococcal infection vaccine investment case, IEPI is providing ethical advisory support surrounding the key drivers and gaps of potentially implementing a maternal immunization strategy to achieve further improvement in under-five morbidity and mortality rate globally.