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ISBR: 15th ISBR Symposium

April 01-04, 2019 - Tarragona, Spain

Symposium strives to bring together academics, technology developers, industry, regulatory authorities, NGOs and other credible stakeholders to discuss all aspects of the use of biotechnology in agriculture and food production, including their risk analysis and regulation

NFID: 2019 Annual Conference on Vaccinology Research

April 03-05, 2019 - Baltimore, MD, USA

A conference bringing together the diverse disciplines involved in the research and development of vaccines and associated technologies for disease control through immunization.

CBS: Embracing the Disruptive Edge of Health Care

May 22-24, 2019 - Banff, AB, Canada

A conference designed to provide individuals interested in ethical issues relating to health, the environment and the life sciences with stimulating and networking opportunities.

Featured Projects

Principles to Guide Data in Multi-Omic Studies

Project description


Addressing political, ethical, administrative, regulatory and legal issues to integrate human data repositories to foster personalized medicine approaches.

The Ethics of Human Infection Studies

Developing funders principles for human infection studies.

Ethics & Policy Issues Raised by Transgenic Mosquitoes Carrying a Gene Drive for Malaria Elimination

Project description

Multi-Phase Project

Project description

HPV Mechanism & Cervical Cancer in LMICs

Project description

The Ethics of Addressing this Global Epidemic in Adolescent Girls and Women

Project description


Elisabeth Gedge

Chair and Associate Professor, Philosophy


Bonny Ibhawoh

Professor, History, and Centre for Peace Studies; Acting Associate VP (Research)


Lisa Schwartz

Professor, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics; Associate Member, Philosophy; Member, CHEPA; Arnold L. Johnson Chair in Health Care Ethics

Lydia Kapiriri

Associate Professor, Health, Aging, & Society; Member, CHEPA


Violetta Igneski

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Wil Waluchowlargerweb-1.jpg

Wil Waluchow

Professor, Philosophy; Senator William McMaster Chair in Constitutional Studies

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Other Opportunities

As a leading centre of applied ethics research, IEPI is committed to training the next generation of scholars heeded to respond to the challenges of globalization & health insecurity. We offer postgraduate and undergraduates, including the Ethics & Policy for Technological Innovation Certificate (EPTIC) which is open to undergraduate students from all faculties.

IEPI is a host institute for the Global Forum Bioethics Research Fellowship, and *****.

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